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VP-7255 18x13 Czech glass Cabochon Moodstone Oval

VP-7255 18x13 Czech glass Cabochon Moodstone Oval

Czech vintage glass cabochon.
A mood stone that changes color depending on the temperature and body temperature.
The color changes from black when it's cold to green to blue as it gets warmer.
Due to age, there are some pieces whose backing has peeled off in places.
Thank you for your understanding

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Size: 18x9mm

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About Our Vinate beads and Stones

Most of the rhinestones and parts in our shop are vintage. We make every effort to show their condition in photos as accurately as possible, but please note that there may be variations between individual pieces, including those with foil damage or minor scratches. We remove items with significant flaws like chips or cracks to ensure they do not pose problems when creating artwork. However, if you seek items of brand-new quality, we kindly ask you to refrain from purchasing.

Vintage rhinestones and cabochons may vary in thickness and size compared to current ones, making them more challenging to set on bases. We recommend using sandpaper or adhesive as needed to accommodate these differences.

Please lightly wash and clean parts before use.