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GP-124 12x10 Raw Brass Cabochon Setting Oval Lace

GP-124 12x10 Raw Brass Cabochon Setting Oval Lace

This is a setting metal fitting for setting cabochons.
If you use pliers to partially push the lace part outward, it can also be made into a "pin".
Brass made in America


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About Brass Item

All brass items are sold without any plating. Typically, these parts are used in accessories after processes like electroplating. Some items may have black marker traces from manufacturing; please wipe them off with alcohol or similar solvent.

Brass naturally develops a darker or pinkish patina over time. Using jewelry cloths or polishers like "Brasso" can restore their original shine. For those concerned, we recommend applying rust prevention treatment before use. Additionally, the finish of brass can vary between matte and glossy depending on the production batch.

A unique feature of brass is its suitability for soldering, DIY plating, or creating an antique gold finish.